We are worX4you!

We are a boutique On-Demand software testing solutions team. We offer on-call testing, or full integration with your team, and provide custom testing solutions for your start-up or small to medium sized business.

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About Us

worX4you started in 2009 in Waterloo, a university and tech town in Ontario, Canada. The idea came about after Vesna had a hard time finding testers for the companies she worked with. She also noticed that the startups in town were in need of testing on an on-call basis, but there was no one there to help them. Vesna began by running lunch 'n learn sessions for local startups in the incubation center, and other areas in town. Soon, startups were asking for testing help, and so began the idea for a service of custom on-demand testing. Mike and Vesna started helping the startups in the Waterloo and Toronto areas, and as more and more needed testing, worX4you expanded and a few more testers came on board.

Now, with over 50 clients and hundreds of projects under our belt, we are a boutique software testing team with a focus on custom software testing solutions for your start up, or small to medium sized business. We are a small group of creative testers that are passionate about helping you build quality software. We work to put together the best solution for your teams and projects.

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Manual testing

Exploratory Testing
Test Case/Test Suite Creation
Building Regression Suites for Automation
QA Process Implementation from Scratch

Automated Testing

Automating Regression Suites
Creating, Running, and Sustaining Automated Suites


  • Mobile - iOS, Android, and others
    (both for phones and tablets)

  • Webapps - all browsers and OS's

  • Desktop apps - all OS’s

How we work

  • Do you need a dedicated team member with intimate knowledge and long term testing commitment? We do that!
  • Do you need on-demand testing that can scale for sprint or release testing? We do that!
  • Do you need to call on someone a few times a year during busy times? We do that too!


Basically, it’s your call. If you need quality testing, please reach out, and we’ll work with you to create a custom plan for your needs. We love to help, and baking quality into the product is our #1 priority.

Our Testimonials

Take a look below to learn what our clients are saying about us:


"Over the past two years the worX4you team has been making sure that what we ship is of the highest quality. They work with our team to ensure that each ticket is bug free and that when it comes to release time, our shipments are gold. Their team has been able to bring solid QA practices to our Hubba's fast paced iteration cycles and are always available when we need them. They are nothing short of exceptional."

- Andrew Munro, Principal Engineer, Hubba


“I have had the pleasure of working with worX4you for over 3 years now. They provide an excellent service and are always willing to go above and beyond when required. I love that worX4you can quickly embed themselves into the team. Working with worX4you is like adding a regular staff member to the team. They communicate well, quickly adapt to changes in our process, and can work effectively in all our systems. The feedback and testing they provide is top notch and they have become key contributors for our ability to release quality software. Testing feedback is through and provides the right level of detail to enable quick turnaround of issues by our engineers. I would highly recommend worX4you for your next project.”

- Jeffery Avis, Software Development Manager, Desire2Learn


"Vesna, Mike, and the team at worX4you really worked for us! When we first engaged them, we were a tiny team that couldn't justify a full time QA department. They dropped in, made recommendations on how to approach QA, and got to work testing for us. As our company and product team grew, our process changed and they kept pace. Because they had other testers on staff, they could accommodate us as our QA needs grew or spiked. They were with us through multiple product cycles of multiple products (desktop, web, and mobile), including massive releases or rewrites of those products that required intense testing. They regularly surprised me with the bugs they found in code that I thought was solid, and in turn gave us confidence that our apps could go out the door with no major issues. They're obviously passionate about testing, and it comes through in their work. I'm glad we found them when we did."

- Taylor Brown, Chief Technical Officer, You Need a Budget (YNAB)


"Arcestra has had the pleasure of working with worX4you for several years now and they have proven time and time again that they really are part of our overall product team. We develop product confidently knowing that our QA is lead by a sharp and highly effective team. The worX4you team is dedicated to quality and process and always disclose known issues (even when the news might be hard to deliver) to the product leadership team so they can make the most informed business decisions. If your thinking of outsourcing QA, I fully recommend the team at worX4you."

- Joe Di Vittorio, Chief Executive Officer, Arcestra


"We used worX4you to QA our award-winning app, Hopscotch. As a programming tool for kids, Hopscotch is a non-trivial app to QA. worX4you consistently did a fabulous job. They are extremely thorough and bring a lot of past QA experience, often adding test cases and scenarios we had not thought of. On top of their superb quality, they are fast and reliably meet deadlines (often we'd give them a build in the evening and by the next morning, QA would be done). They are clear communicators with strong processes - their comments could often be directly used as dev tasks for engineers, saving everyone time. Finally, they are also just a wonderful team, a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend their services."

- Asha Elizabeth Gupta, Product, Hopscotch


"Working with the worX4you team was a great experience! They were always available, had excellent suggestions, and worked well with the development team."

- Darrell Hawley